Entré Scenen is ready for new challenges at Brobjergskolen

Press Release

Entré Scenen is very happy to announce that a commitee of dance professionals have chosen us to manage the center for dance at Brobjergskolen (The Archauz stage), and the magistracy has approved the recommendation today.

Due to the publication of the recommendation regarding the center for dance, the evaluation-commitee comments:

“Entré Scenen presents a clear artistic profile. There is an artistic heart and integrity behind their plans for the center for dance. It is clear, that the management has got a strong wish to develop and promote dance in Aarhus as to generate possibilities for creating artists to evolve.”

And furthermore:

“The evaluation-commitee is convinced, that the management of Entré Scenen has the professional excellence, the international network and experience with international collaborations which are needed to run a center for dance in a small citytheatre.”

– “We are happy that our experience over the years concerning development of performing arts and managing a theatre is taken into account, and we are proud that the evaluation commitee is so positive regarding our application, says Jesper de Neergaard, artistic director of Entré Scenen.

The management at Entré Scenen has been interviewed twice by the evaluation commitee, where we were challenged with questions and had a constructive dialogue about the art of dance and development of the dance-community in Aarhus.

At Entré Scenen we have developed many plans and put a lot of consideration into the process that is ahead of us. Shortly we will contact, mainly the local, but also the national dance-community to adjust our plans and listen to the needs and requirements from the dance-community itself. We are looking forward to this collaboration.

The dance-community needs the very best working conditions as possiblie.

With a planned takeover already at July 1st, we must hurry more than usual, and we are ready to embrace the great load of work ahead of us. We are well underway to prepare the kick-off, the official grand opening of the center for dance, which will take place in the beginning of next year.

With regards,

Entré Scenen

Jesper de Neergaard, artistic director – (+45) 86 20 15 36/ (+45) 26 22 67 26

Jette Skjoldborg, administrative manager

Jørgen skov, President of Board

  • July 1st 2010 the city council (except from DF) agreed to a call for applicants to lead the center for dance at Brobjergskolen
  • October 30th 2010 the contract is publiced and is also agreed upon within a great majority of parties. The deadline for applications is Janurary 3rd 2011.
  • An evaluation-commitee of dance professionals is formed due to recommendations from the Cultural Commitee of Aarhus. The evaluation-commitee consists of Kerstin Andersson, Thomas Eisenhardt and Åsa Söderberg together with two representatives from the municipality of Aarhus: Ib Christensen and Lena Øvig. – The people in the evaluation-commitee is recommended by The Arts Council of Aarhus, The Danish Arts Agency for Performing Arts and approved by the Cultural Commitee of Aarhus.
  • Februrary 1st 2011 Entré Scenen together with two more applicants are interviewed by the evaluation-commitee.
  • April 6th 2011 Entré Scenen – as the only remaining applicant – is interviewed for the second time by the evaluation-commitee
  • May 16th 2011 the recommendation from the evaluation-commitee and the Councilman of Culture Marc Perera Christensen about making Entré Scenen the new management of the center for dance at Brobjergskolen is dealt with at the magistracy meeting and approved.

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