About Junge Hunde

Junge Hunde ID Festival 2012

The next Junge Hunde Festival will take place October 18th-28th 2012. The festival will be a part of the new production center in Aarhus – Godsbanen – and the theme of the 2012 festival is interdisciplinary performing arts.

Entré Scenen has moved to a bigger and better venue and is now Bora Bora – Dance and visual theatre. To read more about the possibilities of being part of the Junge Hunde Festival and application specifications go to Bora Bora’s website.

For further information, please contact Hannah Oxenvad Svarrer: hannah (at) entrescenen (dot) dk

What is Junge Hunde?

A Junge Hund is a young and up-and-coming professional performing artist with great talent who’s on the brink of a breakthrough. But not quite yet. The main reason for the networks’ existense is to help these artist further towards their artistic goals, and to create contact with a greater audience both nationally and internationally. There is also room for artists who want to put something new to the test, but experience a lack of network, competence, or merely a platform from which one can try out and examine one’s ideas.

The main focus of the Junge Hunde Festival lies on the participants and their opprtunity for networking. We can offer workshops, master classes, brass talks, process analysis, academic feedback, arrangements and much much more. Every participant gets to perform twice during the festival.

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