About The Laboratory

The performing arts’ departement of research and development

The Laboratory is an unique and open forum for danish and nordic performance artists who long to carry out experiments and explorations within the field of performance arts. We will provide the framework for both further development and aspersion of ideas, as well as developing the practical and methodical aspects. The experiments often involve international and untraditional collaborators, and are always incorporated by the staff and consultants of The Laboratory. All with the same objective: to leave the windows of fresh air, new horizons and new insight ajar. And not to mention: new performing arts.

Artistic director: Barbara Simonsen
Project manager and PR:
Deborah Vlaeymans
Project manager: Isabelle Reynaud

Artistic Consultant: Jesper de Neergaard

Counseling/Think tank: Erik Exe Christoffersen, Kim Eden, Klaus Hoffmeyer, Janek Szatkowski, Jette Lund, Catherine Poher

The Laboratory is supported by Kulturkontakt Nord, Århus Kommunes Kulturudviklingspulje, Statens Kunstråds Scenekunstudvalg and Wilhelm Hansen Fonden

Spring 2011:

Rehearsal Matters

Since 2008, when we started our experimental series REHEARSAL#REVERSAL, our main focus has been on developing new and alternativ methods and visions for the rehearsing processes within the performing arts. In addition to performance- experiments, The Laboratory carried out a research project called ”Rehearsal Matters”. This has now become a substantial record of the different experiences and thoughts made by international performing artists around rehearsing processes.

On the 31st of March, the launch of this material as a digital center of knowledge www.rehearsalmatters.com will be thoroughly celebrated. A selection of the material will be presented, and everyone is invited to explore the comprehensive collection of information using installed infostands. In addition to this, there will be guest performers, edibles, music and of course – a party!

Rehearsal Matters will then be presented in Copenhagen in early April. In addition, a Rehearsal Matters- seminar, will be held during the ILT- festival, with the international guest performances as offspring. The festival will take place from May 12th, until May 19th.

Experiment: Passing Place Greenland

On June 17th, at 10.30 am, Entré Scenen will present the results of an experiment containing virtual scenografi made for a nordic performance project. This is a collaboration between the choreographer Zoe Christiansen, Mobile Homes (N), CAVI, The Institute of Aesthetics, University of Aarhus, and the Laboratory.

Experiment: All The People In My City.

Be prepared! An international artistic board is putting an experiment, involving the whole of Aarhus city, to the test. Occurring in June, the exact time and concept , which is still in progress, is still a well hidden secret.

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