Artistic director: Administrative manager:
Jesper de Neergaard, jesper(at) Jette Skjoldborg, jette(at)
Jesper de Neergaard Jette Skjoldborg


PR manager/webmaster: Technical coordinator:
Jakob Edut, jakob(at) Jeppe H. Nissen, jeppe(at)
Jakob Edut Jeppe H. Nissen


International coordinator: International coordinator:
(Maternity cover from May 10th – Dec. 31st 2011) (Maternity leave from May 10th – Dec. 31st 2011)
Hannah Oxenvad Svarrer, hannah(at) Sigrid Aakvik, sigrid(at)
Hannah Oxenvad Svarrer Sigrid Aakvik


Administrative assistant:
Maya Bjerrum Trinkjær, maya(at)
Maya Bjerrum Trinkjær


The Laboratory:

Artistic director: Project manager:
Barbara Simonsen, barbara(at) Isabelle Reynaud, isabelle(at)
Barbara Simonsen Isabelle Reynaud


Project manager and PR
Deborah Vlaeymans, deborah(at)



Ditte Egerup Mathiesen Astrid Vestemøy Ørenberg Brix
Ditte Egerup Mathiesen Astrid Vestemøy Ørenberg Brix


Other employees:

Accountant: Frede Søgaard

IT-support: Ture Gjørup


Jørgen Skov (President), Kasper Egelund (Vice-president), John Andreasen, Bente Steffensen, Lone Jensen, Jeppe H. Nissen (employee representative)

Entré Scenen is supported by The Performing Arts Committee of the Danish Arts Council and The Municipality of Aarhus