• OBLIVIA (FIN) Entertainment Island 1-3

    29 Aug - 30 Aug
    Entertainment Island


Entertainment Island 1-3 29 Aug - 30 Aug Mon - tue 8pm at ENTRÉ SCENEN Tickets: 120/70/40 kr. Buy ticket

About Entertainment Island 1-3

Entré Scenen’s Festuge performance 2011


On stage three actors create a curious, minimalistic univers. Two women and one man. All are dressed in ordinary, everyday clothes: “You are all naked. You look so vulnerable”, the judgement sounds.
In Oblivia’s world people address each other in Mickey Mouse voices, build their lives in papier mâché, practice bondage, raw violence and mechanical telephone sex, and engage in the most intimate and juicy details from a distance through the voyeur’s perverted sight.

Entertainment Island is a trilogy about the essence of entertainment. It is three sharp, overly compact and stylised scenarios from that specific spot in our brains that hunger for oblivion and delusion.
Oblivia staged “Entertainment Island I” at Junge Hunde Festivalen 2008 and became the scoop of the festival. Here, they were bought by Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen and have been touring Europe since. For the first time in Denmark, Entré Scenen now shows all three parts of Entertainment Island.

On this night, the foyer’s bar will be converted into Aarhus’ own entertainment island where the audience can indulge their senses both before, during and after meeting Oblivia in the dark.

Entertainment Island I, II and III – three performances à 60 minutes. Between each performance there will be a 15 minutes break/bombardment of the senses.