24 Sep
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GETTOgether 24 Sep Location: Dansescenen på Brobjergskolen (ATTENTION: Location changed!) saturday at 5pm. Duration: Approx. 80 min. 120/70/40 Buy ticket


  • GETTOgether
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About GETTOgether

GETTOgether is a tribute to constructive violence.

Welcome to Fight Night in the Thai Boxing Club, where ritualized violence is put into a dramatic, humorous and performative context. The raw energy outbursts are adapted choreographically and poetically into 2 x 2 minute rounds, in which boxers, dancers and performers challenge each other to create a new common language. GETTOgether is a performance that creates dialogue between isolated groups, who tend to live in their own box; a performance that reaches beyond the work of art and into the integration debate.

Concept og staging: Helle Fuglsang
Choreography in collaboration with Bo Madvig and Esther Wrobel
Video in collaboration with Morten Vest and Jessica Nilsson
Cast: Boxers from Colosseum Thai Bokseklub & CPH. Muay Thai Bokseklub.
Performers: Bo Madvig, Esther Wrobel, Margot Kuiper, Anton Wretling, Emma Vegge Andersen, Frederikke Hjort Arent, Sebastian Nozari, Iman Samhi + special guest commentator.
Interactive installation: Christian Liljedahl
Sound: Copyflex
Video: Morten Vest
Light: Lumen
Documentation: Martin Kløft
Supported by: Kunststyrelsen, Augustinus Fonden, Bikuben Fonden, Sonning Fonden, Koda, Haraldsgadekvarteret.
Thanks to: Birgitte Due.