• Davis Freeman / Random Scream (USA/BE) Investment

    19 Sep - 20 Sep
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Investment 19 Sep - 20 Sep vises på DANSESCENEN PÅ BROBJERGSKOLEN 160/110/80 Buy ticket


  • Investment
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About Investment

Note: Shows at dansescenen at Brobjergskolen, Valdemarsgade 1, 8000 Aarhus.

Welcome to Investment; the performance that could make you a millionaire! Investment is dance, theatre and satire; with a theatre- and a lottery ticket in their hands, the audience is being fed with good advice on how to invest money. While governments try kickstarting world economies, Investment takes a closer look upon our culture’s moral dilemmaes and urges us to question our values and compare them to the acute problems we face today

Organiser: Danseværket in cooperation with Dansens hus