02 Jun - 04 Jun
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NON-PRODS 2011 02 Jun - 04 Jun Thursday and Friday 8pm, Saturday 5pm Tickets: DKK 120/70 Buy ticket


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About NON-PRODS 2011

THE SOCIETY FOR NONPRODUCTIVE ACTIVITY presents material from their work with nonprods.

Since their last report (Cube-X), the four scientists have examined different non-productive aspects of sound, picture and text, and have therefore expanded their group with a scientist from the word-laboratory. The materialized knowledge from their research will be publicized in a non-productive display with tableaus from non-productivity’s exaggeration. The non-successful team of scientists will favourably reveal the deeper meaning of pointlessness.

Participants: Jens Balder, Peter-Ole Jørgensen, Kim T. Grønborg plus special guest Peter Laugesen.

Kim T. Grønborg (born 1959) is a visual artist and musician. He works with space installations, painting and sculpting, scenography, video and sound. He is the founder and co-organizer of the gallery Spanien19C in Aarhus, and co-founder of the art-group Solkorset in 1986 with a.o. Hans E. Madsen. Kim T. Grønborg has had numerous exhibitions, and is a currently exhibiting a space installation together with T.S. Høeg at the Spinderihallerne in Vejle.

Peter Laugesen (born march 5th 1942 in Copenhagen) is a Danish poet an playwright, living in Brabrand. His debut was a collection of poems in 1967, entitled Landskab. In 1992 he recieved Det Danske Akademis Store Pris (The Danish Academy’s Grand Prize). From 1997 and present, he’s been a member of Det Danske Akademi (The Danish Academy). Peter Laugesen has performed with Mindspray, Singvogel and Christian Vuust, and released CD’s with them. In addition, he is a regular colomnist, especially for Dagbladet Information.

Jens Balder Sørensen (Born March 13th 1951) is a jazz musician. He has, amongst others, played with Peter Laugesen and Singvogel, Erik Påske Jam, Square Music, Jan Mayens Kurve, Brave Young Warriors of Improvised Music, De Hensynsløse Hug, ARCO OCRA, Bonetalk Ram, Balders Bunch and Swingbanden.

Peter- Ole Jørgensen, experimental composer, musician, multi- instrumentalist and producer. He has played with Cockpit Music, Global Guaranty Orchestra, The Wild Mans Band, a.o.