Junge Hunde Festival in Aarhus, is the successor of a long and solid tradition amongst the most progressive houses of theatre in Europe. The festival is a network, and was established in 1995, and så Entré Scenen becoming member in 2005. The festival in Århus became a biennale event in 2008, and is held every even- numbered years.

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The Junge Hunde network was established in 1995 as one of the first networks dedicated to presentation, promotion, exchange and development of young performing artists around Europe.

The aim of the network, is to support their new ideas and productions, and to provide the artists with the necessary means and back up across the european borders. The network incorporate collaborators from various stages and venues from nine European countries. In the beginning, all co- ordination was carried out by the Junge Hunde office in Hamburg, Germany.

Up untill 2005 an amount of public events like festivals, stand-alone performances, residencies, exchange of artists, productions, workshops and seminars were arrangende in all the colaborating European cities within the Junge Hunde Network. Since the beginning The Junge Hunde Network has been a stepping stone for lots of artists heading for a professional and international career. For eaxample:

Ingun Bjornsgaard/ N, La Trinité/ B, Rebecca Murgi/ I, Tim Feldman/ DK, Kubilai Khan/ F, Conservas/ E, Dood Paard/ NL, Falk Richter/ D, Volcano/ GB, Nicolas Stemann/ D, Het Hans Hof Ensemble/ NL, Sean Tuan John/ GB, Hooman Sharifi/ N Angela Guerreiro/ D, Camilla Wargo Brekkling/ DK, Stefan Kaegi/CH, Kinkaleri/ I, Jasmin Vardimon/ GB, Valentina Cabro & Grom Tomaz/ SLO, Showcase Beat Le Mot/ G, Benji Reeid/ GB).

Junge Hunde were offered a three-year grant from EU’s Culture 200o programme, as a project, which according to the commision contained ‘an European dimension in both concept, organization and representation’. Before that Junge Hunde had already recieved subsidies from EU three times.